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Manage operations with third parties efficiently

Optimize the management of operations with third parties efficiently. With extensive experience in advising companies on the structuring and management of contractors, we offer a platform that allows the optimization of processes and the continuous integration of new technologies, providing value through the intelligent use of the data obtained.
Presently, we allow you control over 3 main user modules:
The Permanent Contractors, Occasional Contractors and Visitors, Within these user groups we allow control over the general operations of the business, documents of your staff, access into facilities as well as control from the management level

Contract Management

We offer comprehensive and streamlined contract management solutions that empower you to take control of your contracts, minimize risk, and optimize your business operations
With KSEC you can achieve the following:
  • Build and manage the relationship with contractors, carriers, suppliers and subcontractors at the corporate and local level. From approval, accreditation and document review and certification to compliance with legal and occupational health and safety requirements
  • Allow access to all contractor information generated by each work order or contract, including evaluation, which improves the negotiating power between the parties
  • Communication channel that allows you to deliver instructions to suppliers and contractors before they access your work center
  • Module that allows online training and instruction of contractors
  • Digitization of risk management, compliance and control of contractors
  • Can be easily integrated with other systems
  • Consulting throughout the contract to ensure proper implementation and operation

Control and Management of Service Orders

We offer comprehensive solutions that empower you to take control, streamline operations and manage service orders
Below are some of the advantages of using KSEC:
  • Service orders can be programmed with predefined and flexible approval flows, dynamically activating document requirements according to the associated risks
  • The platform allows to configure service orders for scheduled jobs, unscheduled jobs, exceptions and contingencies
  • The platform has an integrated system that allows the control of shift fulfilment, allowing to pay for the services effectively rendered

Validation of Workers and their Documentation

We provide intuitive and flexible documentation process for your contractors
Below are the services:
  • Each contractor uploads documents pending regularization, which may be approved or rejected, and sends alerts for rejected documents that are overdue
  • Validation of workers and their documentation prior to access, which is integrated in the platform
  • Through the use of artificial intelligence, the system performs a pre-review of documents without human intervention
  • We support clients in the definition and execution of strategies to optimize their processes

Intelligent Access Control

We provide a comprehensive solution for access control
Below are the services:
  • We developed an intelligent system that allows to control all accesses in real time with mobile, traditional and non-traditional solutions
  • We integrate the access control system with the module of permissions and service orders that include document management automatically authorizing or denying access depending on the requirements and documents requested
  • With KSEC's own application we have multiple forms of identification for access, online and offline operation, general revenue control and specific records
  • The KSEC application allows on-site control of the persons performing the work. All data is recorded and synchronized on the platform
  • It also allows to control the access of views and own personnel

Management Control

  • The KSEC platform allows access to all information online, giving full traceability of all processes and records to all stakeholders at corporate and local level
  • The reporting module provides key information and indicators for daily and strategic decision making, reducing costs and minimizing associated risks
  • Ksec is a platform with a high degree of enterprise security

Evaluation of Contractors

  • The platform allows the involvement of contract managers, auditors and stakeholders in each process. Therefore providing accountability
  • The platform allows you to terminate and release payments through integrations
Let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to help.