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The most efficient way to manage third party operations.

Our Mission

We have more than 19 years of experience in providing solutions and helping companies with the structuring their relation with contractors . We continuously add new technology and help them optimizing their processes adding value through the intelligent use of the data obtained.To achieve this objective, we have developed the KSEC platform that allows the integration of all the processes related to the operation of third parties, from the generation of the requirement permits or tasks, including all those associated with security, and contract compliance, in order to control access and the terminating of the work requested , evaluation of contractors and release of payments.

Collaborative platform

Years of experience

Cloud based operations

KSEC is a collaborative platform where the roles are clearly defined and allows the contractor to transfer the responsibility for compliance with the company's requirements in order to authorize their access. This solution facilitates the traceability of the processes, making all the information available to all those involved (internal users and contractors) for each of the requirements, improving internal security, efficiency and communication between the parties.
We are a strategic ally, giving visibility for decision-making and allowing us to generate significant cost and time savings for our clients. The KSEC platform is hosted in the cloud and is secure, simple, modular and flexible. It does not interfere with the company's internal systems and allows integrations with other platforms. And its implementation makes it possible to ensure operational continuity.
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