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Intelligence and control in third-party management

We provide a unique and comprehensive process management system associated with external personnel, contractors, carriers, subcontractors and their workers.

We manage operations with third parties efficiently

We have extensive experience advising companies in the structuring, optimization and management of their operations with third parties through comprehensive contractor management, all through our SaaS platform.

Why ksec?

Por qué KSEC
We offer a simple and secure cloud platform that brings together in one place fluid communication between companies and their external collaborators. This solution is modular and complies with IT industry security standards and software architecture.

Saas - cloud - modular

Completely cloud-based system, highly available and modular, parameterizable to the needs of each industry.


Our contractor management software provides a comprehensive solution including access control and documentation.

Know how

We provide the best practices every day to more than 8 thousand users throughout Chile, benefiting all our clients.


In addition to its structure and time, we resolve and optimize contractor management, which is part of the core of our clients' business.

Process optimization

We unify, standardize and streamline processes through internal alignment and teamwork. Granting traceability of authorizations, executions of works and increasing control over contractors.

Reduction of operational expenses

We reduce time in administrative tasks, maintaining budgets, jobs, access and documentation linked over time.

Our Products

Contract Management

We offer comprehensive solutions for efficient contract management, allowing you to take control of your suppliers, minimize risks and optimize your business operations.
With KSEC, you can achieve the following:
  • Contractor, carrier, supplier and subcontractor management platform at the corporate and local level.
  • Comprehensive supplier management from company accreditation, document audit, legal labor compliance and occupational safety.

Service Order Control and Management

We offer comprehensive solutions that allow you to take control, optimize operations and manage service orders.
Below are some of the advantages of using KSEC:
  • Service orders can be scheduled with predefined, flexible approval workflows, dynamically activating document requirements based on associated risks.
  • Tool for monitoring compliance with jobs, subcontracts, supplies, scheduled or unscheduled work, exceptions and contingencies.
  • Software for auditing compliance with supplies and shift control, allowing payment for services effectively provided.

Worker Validation and Document Audit

We provide an intuitive, flexible documentation process for your contractors.
The services are detailed below:
  • Corporate document management system allows each contractor to upload required documentation, has alerts and is integrated with access control.
  • Work safety control platform.
  • Document control software where through the use of artificial intelligence, the system performs a pre-review of documents without human intervention.
  • Document audit tool.

Worker and Vehicle Access Control

We offer a comprehensive solution for access control.
The services are detailed below:
  • Tool for controlling the entry of people and vehicles.
  • Allows real-time control of all accesses with mobile, traditional and non-traditional solutions.
  • We integrate the access control system with the permissions and service orders module that includes document management.
  • It also allows control of access for visitors and in-house personnel.

Management Control

  • The KSEC platform allows access to all information online, providing complete traceability of all processes and records for all stakeholders at the corporate and local level.
  • The reporting module provides key information and indicators for daily and strategic decision making, reducing costs and minimizing associated risks.
  • KSEC is a platform with a high degree of business security.

Contractor Evaluation

  • Our platform allows the participation of contract managers, auditors and stakeholders in each process, providing accountability.
  • It also allows you to finalize and release payments through integrations.


We provide third party management and access control solutions for a variety of industries.
Pulp and Paper
Food Industry
Health Care
Let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to help